5 Things to do in Georgia

Georgia is not really a popular tourist destination and the state in the USA with the same name is much more popular than the country. Little did people know that Georgia is a fascinating place to be from their beautiful countryside to their cute little street alleys, they have this small but unique features that will surely make you fall in love with the country just like the owners of Performance Chiropractic did. Here are 5 things to-do when you visit Georgia.

Gergeti Trinity Church
The most iconic structure of Georgia is this beautiful stone church on a hill just adjacent to the towering Mount Kazbegi. You have two options in going up to the church, either you wake up early and do an early morning steep climb that may take you at least 3 hours, or you may ride one of the tour buses or local jeeps if you’re not too keen on hiking. The peace and serenity you’ll feel the moment you’ll see this old church on a breathtaking background is something to look forward to.

Try Eating Khachapuri
Khachapuri is Georgia’s national dish and for a reason, there are many types but the most recommended is the Acharuli, where the cheese bread is shaped like a boat topped with more cheese, butter and raw egg before serving. This is a symbolization of the boats on the Black Sea and the raw egg on top is the setting sun.

Old Town Tbilisi
Old Town Tbilisi is a charming little place that would capture your heart; it was, also, dubbed as the Paris of Eurasia. This old town has a lot of cute small alleys and streets draped with colorful window frame, whimsical staircases and balconies that are all picture-worthy. There is also a puppet theatre here and is a unique and fun experience so if you want to watch a puppet performance, try booking a day early because they get sold out fast.

Alit and Nino Statue
Most people love love stories and hearing an ancient tale of star-crossed lovers will surely peak up your interest, and what more if you know there are two modern statues made just for them. Ali from Georgia and Nino from Azerbaijan suffered almost the same fate as Romeo and Juliet. The two statues are made from metal plates and are moving each on their own axis and for a short instance they meet in the center for a quick embrace before moving away again. The lights at night exaggerates this beautifully created statues.

Drink Geogian Wine
Georgian wine have a good reputation of producing top class wines and a weekend getaway in Sighnaghi would give you an overview on where this great wines are coming from. Old Georgian vino are made in underground giant clay pots and are aplenty in the small fanciful streets of Sighnaghi. This beautiful little town has many vineyards, wine cellars, bakeries, wooden balconies and good food and wine everywhere, and like cherry on top, it sits in a scenic area with a stunning view of the Alazani valley.